Below you’ll find answers to a few common topics, from local authority partnerships to relatives’ involvement. If you still have questions, call or email us. We’ll be happy to discuss.


ASC will accept referrals for individuals from across the UK who have a diagnosis of a Learning Disability. Often individuals referred to the service have complex behavioural needs and have experienced failed community placements due to their engagement in behaviours that are perceived as challenging.

The inclusion criteria are as follows:

  • A diagnosis of a Learning Disability
  • Are aged 18+
  • Have a range of comorbidities including, but not exclusive of, physical and neurological impairment, diagnosed mental health conditions, Personality Disorder, Autism, Dementia, Alzheimers.

Please click here for our Assessment Referral Checklist.


At ASC it’s important to have as much involvement with families as possible – in particular with the transition to ASC.

  • We encourage family members to be part of that transition process, including visits to the site, and work with them to develop person centred training packages that can be delivered to the staff team.
  • We hold reviews after 6 weeks then every 6 months thereafter. However this can be increased should the family request this or the person requires a higher level of input.
  • We provide regular updates on the service user’s overall mental health and wellbeing and engagement in activities, through weekly reports.

Are you interested in volunteering at ASC? We’re excited to be working on a volunteer programme. Please watch this space for more.


At ASC, our priority is positive outcomes for our service users, whose needs may vary in terms of resources and staffing.

  • As a service we enter into an agreement with the funding authority and continually assess the
  • service user with a view to reduce staffing requirements at the safest opportunity.
  • We are also able to increasing staffing to support during periods of crisis.
  • In other words, we are person-centred in our approach to staffing levels.
  • Our service users are part funded by their Local Authority and pay contributions based on a financial assessment.