ASC is home to adults who experience stress and distress, or are diagnosed with a learning disability. We support them to achieve their full potential.

We support individuals to achieve their best and reach their full potential.


  • We tailor our service to the individual. Person-centred care is not just a phrase here, it’s our philosophy.
  • We choose our staff carefully. They are not carers, they’re support workers – and there’s a big difference. Service users and staff are on first name terms. Our staff are led by our service users’ needs and wants.
  • This is their home, not ours. That’s why our service users choose paint colours, décor (and get stuck in themselves with the painting!), activities and field trips.
  • We know that getting out of their home environment is as important as being happy inside it. We go for walks, take trips into town, and make regular visits to our in-house carpentry workshop to relax, chill and create.


  • We follow and encourage positive behavioural support, prevention and early intervention, mental and physical health support and families as stakeholder partners.

  • Our support workers are trained in de-escalation techniques, in order to avoid physical intervention when there are signs of aggression or violence. We identify the triggers, and engage our service users in conversation, diversion and active listening.