Our staff are more than carers. They’re helping our service users expand their horizons. They’re helping them celebrate their individuality. There are no uniforms allowed – and that’s an important reflection of the relationship between our staff and the people living at ASC.


Our staff come from all sorts of backgrounds, from retail to car manufacturing. What they share is a commitment to making a difference. Browse our job vacancies to see how you can do the same.

If we’re honest, you can’t move at ASC without hearing the sort of comments below – all of them from our current staff.

“It’s like seeing your little sister grow up and go out into the big wide world.”


From ‘dead-end’ retail jobs to an upbringing caring for siblings to careers in non-profits, each of our team members tells a different story about their route to ASC.

When Kirsti Bonthrone answered a job advert on indeed.co.uk for a support worker at ASC, little did she know she would find her vocation.

It was after a conversation with a friend and ASC staff membet that childminder Laura decided to try another sort of care.

Stewart Hutcheson started thinking about a career in care in the most unlikely place – a gym. Now, training the staff is his passion.

Shaun Rosling is keeping it in the family with his job as senior support worker at ASC, having got a taste for social care when he would pay visits to the home his brother worked in.

Stephanie Clark likes nothing better than seeing ASC’s service users progress with day-to-day tasks the rest of us take for granted. She says simply: “I want them to do better.”

Working as a nurse at ASC has helped Alison McMahon in her personal life too – by giving her better tools to parent.

“It’s supporting people to be the best version of themselves,” says Senior Support Worker Vik Macharia. She fell in love with the job the minute she started. A decade on, she feels exactly the same way.

As activities coordinator at ASC, Anne Foulds’ days are always busy. And there’s nothing more satisfying than putting a smile on service users’ faces when they achieve something, she says.

“Come and give it a go!” says Leanne Cassidy, activities coordinator, of ASC and the “welcoming bunch” that makes up her team.