A trip out for early Christmas Dinner!

What’s better than a Christmas dinner? Two Christmas dinners!

Our wonderful service-users from our Coupar Angus Bungalows decided, if something is worth doing once it’s worth doing twice! This week they all took time out together and got a ‘first’ Christmas dinner at The Red House Hotel  in the centre of Coupar Angus.

All the diners selected from a pre order menu and enjoyed tucking in together, enjoying a little chill-time after the busy-ness of their social enterprise sale in the main Balhousie Care office a few weeks ago, and then the full-on fun and dancing at their festive party the week after.

For all the service-users to be out together for a meal together is such an amazing outcome for the team.

And now they can look forward to a second Christmas dinner on the big day, once the man in red has visited!

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