Challenge accepted. And completed!

Team ASC are always up for a challenge and this Autumn is no different.

A few weeks ago, with the leaves starting to turn and the hay bales ready for collection, Activities Coordinator Anne Foulds and two service users, Liam and Robert started their fitness journey, taking up the Couch to 5k challenge.

Each week they intended to take on a new distance challenge and record the kilometres achieved on their charts. The challenge is, by the end of ten weeks, to walk the whole 5km in one go.

Liam and Anne did the first 0.5km to measure the distance, Liam tracking his progress on Map My Walk.  They enjoyed their walk so much they actually walked nearly 2km!

Then Liam, Robert and Anne set off for a wee stroll a few days later.  They saw a few landmarks, met with a four-legged friend, and got carried away all over again with the beautiful scenery, the birdsong and the tranquillity of the countryside around ASC in Balbeggie, Perthshire. And walked 7.75km!

The challenge was completed in three days! Go Team Orchard Court!

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